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Red wearing a Tiara, a type of armor.

Armor (spelled "Armour" in-game, as is the British spelling) is one way to raise your defense and permanently give yourself the effects of runes. The player, minion, and enemies can all wear armor.

Regular Armor[]

These items hold no special effects.

  • Flies (Distracting Insects)
  • Tiara (Pretty Adornment)
  • Fedora (Sweet Hat)
  • Top Hat (Gentleman's Hat)
  • Halo (Floating Ring)
  • Viking Helm (Horned Hat)
  • Crown (Regal Hat)
  • Helmet (Strong Hat)


Faces are worn instead of armor and grant the ability of the monster they come from. See Races for details on different special abilities.

Special Armor[]

These items all are inherently enchanted:

  • Fire Flies (Glowing Insects): Light enchanted
  • Bees (Defensive Insects): Chance to reflect damage
  • Skull (Former Balrog Head): Undead enchanted; gives wearer a chance to reincarnate as Skeleton
  • Blood (Liquidised[sic] Blood Demon): Life steal; will also protect wearer from life steal from enemy items or vampires
  • Goggles (Magic Spectacles): Allows player to see in the dark; previously dark areas will be slightly visible and all enemies far away will be marked with a red silhouette.
  • Wizard Hat (Magic Hat): Doubles any new enchantments to the armour. Specially, if save point is changed, level of enchanted effect increased by 1 until that level become same to level of item.
  • _ (...): Renders wearer invisble; wearer will still be spotted while moving or if the wearer bleeds or glows; attacking will also expose wearer to enemies
  • Knives (Flying Magic Blades): A higher chance to reflect damage; currently unknown on how to acquire this armour in the game
  • Indifference (Out of Phase with the Universe): Renders wearer transparent with a black helmet; wearer cannot be harmed, but wearer cannot attack also; armour is extremely fragile and will be destroyed if removed
  • Chaos Helm (Mad King's Hat): Enchants random effects on wearer; wear at your own risk
  • Face (Magic Skin Mask): Morphs wearer into creature represented by face; race attributes are also replaced
  • Yendor (Levitation Amulet): Allows user to jump; enjoy this while it lasts
  • Fez (Turkish Hat): Regenerates health; Slow and Confusion enchanted; only found in Overworld chest

Armor Table[]


  • An armor's True Name is the name the armor will have in your inventory after it is identified.
  • Items are listed in the order they appear in the in-game lore menu.
  • Faces will take only one name from the different bosses for each race.
  • LVL refers to the item's level, not the wearer's level or the dungeon level.
Armor Description Special Defence Endurance
Flies Distracting Insects 0.01 + 0.01 * LVL
Tiara Pretty Adornment 0.012 + 0.01 * LVL
Fedora Sweet Hat 0.02 + 0.015 * LVL
Top Hat Gentleman's Hat 0.02 + 0.015 * LVL
Fire Flies Glowing Insects Light enchanted. 0.01 + 0.01 * LVL
Halo Floating Ring 0.03 + 0.015 * LVL
Bees Defensive Insects Reflects Damage 0.01 + 0.01 * LVL
Viking Helm Horned Hat 0.04 + 0.02 * LVL 0.1
Skull Former Balrog Head Undead Enchanted 0.04 + 0.02 * LVL 0.1
Crown Regal Hat 0.05 + 0.025 * LVL 0.15
Blood Liquidised Blood Demon Life Steal 0.03 + 0.02 * LVL
Goggles Magic Spectacles Infravision 0.01 + 0.01 * LVL
Wizard's Hat Magic Hat X2 to new enchantments applied. 0.03 + 0.02 * LVL 0.05
Helmet Strong Hat 0.1 + 0.05 * LVL 0.4
_ Invisible 0.01 + 0.01 * LVL
Knives Flying Magic Blades Reflects Damage 0.05 + 0.03 * LVL 0.15
Indifference Out of Phase with the Universe Ignored by the game
Chaos Helm Mad King's Hat Inflicts chaos spells on wearer. 0.05 + 0.03 * LVL 0.15
Face Magic Skin Mask Polymorph into face type.
Yendor Levitation Amulet Jump 0.1 + 0.05 * LVL 0.3
Fez Turkish Hat Slow and confusion enchanted. 0.02 + 0.015 * LVL