This page describe what happen after defeating Balrog.

With Husband

However you defeating him, you may obtain Amulet of Yendor. Enter the underworld and hit the Death, while the minion wearing Yendor. Then he will restore husband form. Note that you should leave some item if you want to play more.

After you arrive at overworld, the chaos dungeon will be destoryed and there will be a portal to home. You may see epilogue after go into that portal. Here is the full script for ending as immortal.

  • Like her husband before her, red rogue was given a new name on her return
  • Hearing of her use of the rune of time and her constant cheating of death, they named her...
  • Immortal
  • She and her husband retired to their farm to live out quieter lives
  • (This part will be changed due to unknown reasons.)
    • They had no children. Their adventures had quelled any desire to grow a familiy.
    • They had 2 children, whose lives were unremarkable, but gave joy to the married couple every day.
  • Thankful to merely have each other after being apart in flesh, they led simple lives until the end of their days. The immortal's husband was not fool enough to send his wife on yet another errand
  • When her husband died, he returned to the underworld.
  • When the immortal died, the rune of time took effect again as it had when she had died in the dungeon. // Perhaps the world continued without her, or perhaps it was erased as she pulled back through time.
  • The immortal looked into eternity, and descended...

With the runes of time, she was able to infinitely challenge to kill the balrog, but when she died, the runes of time were activated. As a result, she was trapped forever at that time.

With @ (minion)

It shall be same with above one.

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