The Minion is a skeleton that is your ally, following you wherever you go like Mary's little lamb, his bones as white as-

Anyway, the Minion's place in the game can be split up into the following sections.


Rogue and Minion

The Minion is actually Red's dead husband. When fed the rune of identity, Minion's revealed name is "@" and he gives Red a mini-quest. A is the one who left all those bloody messages on the walls and wants vengeance against the Balrog, his murderer. In addition, @ wants to be revived, but there are very few clues left behind to tell the player how to do so.

Fighting Skills


Thanks to @'s bravery, he will run straight into the enemies near you, bashing them with whatever weapon you equipped him with. Unfortunately, when entering later levels, this bravery can get @ "killed" as he will not gauge his own strength against his targets. Also, when given a ranged weapon, @'s priority will be to fire or throw his weapon, even if he is also equipped with a melee weapon. This means that @ will back up to a considerable distance to use his ranged weapon--even if the target is near @ at first--leaving Red to fight alone against the enemy.

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