Miracles occur when you pray to RNG, the God of Chaos at one of his many cog-shaped altars found within the Dungeons of Chaos. Most of the possible effects given by RNG are harmless or even beneficial. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to be ready for the worst.

List of Miracles[edit | edit source]

Here are the list of possible outcomes from using an altar of chaos.

  • Giving: RNG will give you a random item. There is no telling what it might be, though the item given may be more valuable depending on the floor.
  • Exploding: RNG explodes for you. The explosion won't hurt you or your minion, but it will harm enemies if they happen to be nearby.
  • Breaking: The altar will break, leaving a flying cog behind. Though nothing will happen most of the time, sometimes this cog will fire a chaos spell. Wait a bit to see if it shoots anything out.
  • Questing: RNG will give you a quest.
  • Healing: RNG will fully heal you and your minion.
  • Portal: RNG can give you a new portal to the Overworld or Underworld. These portals stay open even if you die and have to come back for another playthrough, which is very useful if you want to skip a few floors to level faster.
  • Fear: Indicated by the message "He comes...". RNG summons a Horror.
  • Disliking: RNG dislikes your form and will polymorph you to something else. You might like the new transformation. If you don't recognize what you changed into, eat a Rune of Identify to compare stats with the Rogue race.
  • Minion Cloning: RNG likes minions. He'll give you a bunch of mock minions, recognized by the game as Clones, which are weak and can't be equipped with anything. Still, they are useful for the level. They disappear if you leave descend or ascend.
  • Wisdom Granting: RNG will tell you which items in your inventory are cursed, and possibly some other information as well.
  • Monster Portal: RNG likes conflict, so he sends monsters after you. Sometimes this helps to increase XP, but sometimes it is very dangerous. Depends on your readiness and the level on which this occurs.
  • Quickening: RNG quickens you, which brings your character to the next level.
  • Chaos: "RNG grants chaos." Chaos is basically random, like the Rune of ?.
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